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    1976 60/6 - tn

    Hello, new member here. I am just outside of Knoxville TN where I have lived for the past 18 years. I am new to riding and owning a BMW. I have a 1976 60/6 that was just fully rebuilt by my dad. I wrecked(minor) this bike 19 years ago after he first purchased it. It has sat waiting to be restored since then. My father retired a couple of years ago and this was one of his projects. I have owned it now for a bout a week and am enjoying learning to ride and about the airheads. I have already completed my first fix, the odometer. Looking forward to getting to know fellow BMW owners along the way.



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    Nice job on the restoration! And looks like a nice place to work in! Has your Dad had a chance to ride the bike now that it's back on the road so he can taste the fruits of his labor?
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    Thanks! Yes, he has ridden a few times as he was getting it set up. He is at an age where he enjoys the rebuild project more so than the riding. He still has his 74 Harley rebuild that he can ride when he gets the itch. He is already looking for the next project...

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