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Thread: Help!!!!!!!!!! Trip to Ecuador

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    Help!!!!!!!!!! Trip to Ecuador

    Has anyone used freedom in equador. Is it safe to go there. Would like to phone you for info.

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    Found these threads about Ecuador and the Freedom support:

    I'm going to update your thread title to make it easier for future searches. When I did that, a few similar threads (some of the ones I found above) showed up in the Similar threads pane below. That kinda helps things out!!
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    Here is the State Department Travel Advisiory:
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    I did Freedom in Equadore and had a GREAT time. Great tour group

    Quote Originally Posted by marklutz View Post
    Has anyone used freedom in equador. Is it safe to go there. Would like to phone you for info.
    Call me at 757 615-1045 or text if you want to learn more.

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