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Thread: So which dealers actually deliver

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    I'm so happy to have Eurosport BMW in Asheville NC. Effective action as soon as the phone is answered, by people who ride and know stuff!

    Male & Female.

    Have a look at their web site, and always stop by when traveling nearby.

    "travel'n" john

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    Quote Originally Posted by pettynerd View Post
    This dealer wouldn't happen to be in Sparks, NV would they? I placed an order 4/28 and it's still listed as "processing". Emailed them, got nothing back so I called them and they told me it'll be out Friday 5/11. Checked the online order today and still listed as "processing"

    Going back to ordering from MAX, at least I'll get some M&M's with my order!
    Hmmmmmm, me thinks so. Well, yep, they are the ones who profess they are all for BMW riders but now we know. Nothing I say or do will amount to anything, they will still be what they are and as more find out about them, maybe, and I mean maybe, the owners will step up. But I doubt it.

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