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Thread: BMW Seat Height

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    I agree with Motorhead on this issue!!!!! Well stated.

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    The other half has had a problem with bikes being too tall for her.
    She stands a solid 5-3 but inseam is shorter. (I dont know exactly). But regardless she even had a hard time with her 883 low and a hard time riding it.

    My K75 she can actually balance with a flat foot, but she wont ride it because its so heavy.

    I know HD is trying some options, and BMW will still have the R9T that she sat on but didn't like the overall feel.

    She may wind up on a Vulcan given that the newer Vulcans have a low option that she can balance and flat foot as well.

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    Hard to know what "ideal" means.

    Gaston Rahier who won Paris-Dakar for BMW in the 1980s was something like 5-4 ... and of course that bike wasn't as low as stock height.

    Suspension lowering of course compromises bike handling from the original design intent. A little lower seat probably doesn't hurt.

    The 2005-2013 R1200RT was available in later years with lowered suspension. When Wetheads arrived, that was discontinued but several seat heights are now offered. Wetheads are smaller overall bikes than the previous version in any event, my speculation being because there are now more motor policewomen.

    MotoGP bikes these days can lower suspension height on the fly for straight line performance, but I think they come back to normal for cornering. Most of those riders are small and lightweight, and have just one toe down at the start light.
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