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Thread: BMW Seat Height

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    BMW Seat Height

    I was reading in OTL that the ideal seat height for a rider (women included I would assume) is 2 inches lower than one's inseam. The average woman's inseam (after some Binging) is 28 to 30 inches. What BMW satisfies 2 inches lower than that? One would think that BMW is not interested.
    My wife has been riding BMWs since 1980 or so and has always had a tall BMW seat height issue. A GS with lower shocks and thick soles on the boots, etc.
    Just thinking about it...
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    How 'ideal" is defined is at the crux of the question and will vary with how experienced/skilled the rider is, seat height, suspension settings and the weight/center of gravity of the bike. I have a 30" inseam, Annie has a 34" inseam even though she is an inch shorter than me. I feel good on a bike with a supposed 31" seat height and I cannot comfortably ride Annie's standard height R12GS or F8GS (which tickles her no end). I think BMW has come a long way in the past few years as far as accommodating riders with shorter legs. I ride a 2017 R12GSA lowered version. I have a Terry's seat that adds a little width and have the seat in the high position up front an low position in the back. I cannot completely flat foot the bike but come close. There is no way I would have been able to ride a GSA before BMW began offering lowered versions.
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    Seat Height/Boot Clearance Method

    A good, repeatable, measurable, and objective assessment of "seat height" can be made by sitting on a moto, putting one foot flat on the ground, and then measuring the clearance of the other (flat) foot from the ground. In my case, I have a lowered R1200GS, and thick 1" soled boots, and then my entire flat upstream boot (not its toe) is about 1/2 inch off the ground (when the other is flat-footed.)

    Besides the nominal advertised geometry (which may be a bit understated for marketing reasons) factors such as seat width and strut inflation come into play and limit the utility of just comparing advertised seat heights. Don't forget that on bikes with handlebar selectable variable height shocks (like R1200GS) that it makes a HUGE difference whether you have selected "one up", "two up", or "two up + luggage" on your shock extension selection when evaluating a bike's seat height, so be sure to make your measurements in the lowest position to be able to make a valid comparison among different bikes (a showroom bike might not be set to the lowest position--you should check.) I typically leave mine in the lowest setting--"1 helmet"--under highway conditions, to keep it lower.

    Lamentably, "comfort" seats often have more padding or width, raising one up--there is no free lunch.

    I obtained my thick-soled boots from Americanheeler (you can search on the web for "orthopedicshoelift, one word--I couldn't put their URL here.) You send them your boots and they put thick soles on them for you, any thickness you want, any shoe in your closet. I am really happy with their work, though next time I will check out some local boot shops and see if I can find some reasonably thick off-the-shelf boots with thick soles, mainly because I have made a philosophical decision to not wear "motorcycle" boots, but get something I can also use for hiking, too, to minimize the amount of stuff I take on trips.
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    I learned all about this from my father-in-law, Voni's dad Clint. He said, "I'd be taller but they turned too much under for feet."
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