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Thread: New / previous member, back again:)

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    New / previous member, back again:)

    Previous BMWMOA member and 2007 r1200s owner. Member 2007-2010. Sold that bike (and my wife's bike too)

    As I write this I'm waiting on delivery of a 2004 r1100s. I have been longing to ride for a couple of years and "trolling" e-bay for the right "R". Can't wait to hear the boxer up close and in person again.

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    Welcome back!!

    Welcome back into the fold - post a pic of the bike when you get it!!

    we all like a little bike porn
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    Welcome back, Larry.

    Jes' askin' but why an R1100S over an R1200S? The 1200S and the Triumph Sprint ST are the two most impressive bikes I've ever ridden.

    "When you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."

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    cost and availability

    I was glad I sold my r1200s a number of years back (8 years ago or so). Motorcycles were just not in my wife's and I life at that time. I've been trolling e-bay for the last 18 months with a $4000 budget. Just couldn't find a r1200s. Always wanted a r1100s (from my younger days), finally got around to it

    BMW r1100s.JPG

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