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Thread: '99 K1200LT Cruise Control after Clutch Replacement

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    '99 K1200LT Cruise Control after Clutch Replacement

    I recently did a clutch replacement on a 1999 K1200LT. It shifts smoothly and pulls strong. My problems though are electrical.
    1) The cruise control won't engage. The cable from the control unit to the throttle body wheel is secure and doesn't seem to be bound up. The cruise control indicator light comes on when you slide the switch over, but cruise control doesn't engage when you press the other lever. This is at any speed. The fuse is good and is getting power. The brake lever and pedal switches work.
    How would I test the clutch lever switch?
    2) There is a drain on the battery. It's a 2 year old PC680 which held up well before I did the clutch job.

    I labelled the wires during the tear down process to make sure they went back to the correct connections.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Ted

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    You have probably fouled one of the cables on the left side of the engine. This is easy to do when replacing the bodywork; we were told to always check for this when reassembling an LT.

    No good idea on the battery issue, as long as you actually have all of the cables connected. It's easy to miss one of the cables that attach to the front battery terminal.
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    No idea if this is a likely cause in your case, but I'll throw out the issue I ran into with that era's cruise.
    If there is not enough slack in the throttle cables, the cruise can fail to engage. My guess is that the cruise controller reads this (vibrations?) as attempted throttle movement which by design overrides the CC.
    Same symptoms as yours, and when I slackened the throttle cable , the cruise returned to engaging.

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