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Thread: Question regarding Tire Changers

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIARCG View Post
    Probably would have an issue with an earthmover tire as well but for the 120/180-17 tires I change out it works slicker than snot.
    Did some more digging on this since my son and I have talked about ditching my HF setup for a NoMar. The advantage to this unit is portability and storage, and I see they now have an Evo2 version with 22mm center shaft and that handles 13 to 21 inch rims. About half the cost of NoMar before shipping...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortythorne View Post
    New NoMar on it's way to my house!! Thanks for the info. After all my pleading (aka bitchin, complaining, nagging), he made the decision himself. LIFE IS good! This type of information made available thru this forum is one of the few reasons I have left to still belong to the BMWMOA, also I like the mileage contest .
    You do know, do you not, that this was Paul's intent all along. He successfuly executed a years long scheme to get that tire changer.
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    Hi! Debbie Downer Here...

    I don't have space for a tire changer. Wish I did! If I was going to procure one though a friend recently pointed this out:

    you can go from this

    to this

    for only a hudred dollars more. The No Mar does not even come close to the capability of the Atlas machine.
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