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Thread: Hello from Salisbury NC

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    Hello from Salisbury NC

    Hello from Salisbury, NC

    I tried this about 2 yrs. ago without any luck. Called phone numbers listed in MOA Anonymous book and got VM. Hoped someone would call back...

    Anyone around the Salisbury,NC area ride ? Wife and I ride 90% of the time because the logistics are easier...

    This year my work scheduled days off are Mon. Tue. Wed. and 1 Sat. Sun. Mon. per mo. which makes it much harder to find others off during the week. Most motorcycle dealers are closed on Mon. and their employees ride. Hoping to meet up with some of them. Speaking of MeetUp, tried the app too. Started FB group "ADV Riders of NC" but nobody from the area rides and if they do, not during the week.

    We have posted offers to join us on road trips. BDR's out west. MABDR this Aug. 2018 over 6 mo. in advance without any interest. We have 6 wks. PTO per year so very flexible.

    if I can plan time off at first of year. After that I am competing with 200 other people for PTO which complicates things. Clubs posting a weekend Rally 90 days before is almost always denied PTO during the summer because PTO dates are full. I need to know in the fall to work out logistics before Jan.

    With today's Corp. job turn over. How many riders have 4+ wks. PTO ? Do you save it for family vacation and only ride weekends ? My brother rides and uses ALL his PTO for family vacation & hunting trips. We haven't rode together in 7 yrs. He commutes by bike so riding isn't his recreational sport. I've been ride all week and other interest on days off.

    45 yrs. of riding and people still have the same problem connecting. With the internet reaching thousands you would think we could find like minded riders who live around us...

    Look at the FB traffic... I've posted many times in various groups without a single interested rider from the area OR they only ride Saturdays when I work.

    Any suggestions ? Seven0four6eightzero7two4four

    Thank you!
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    Hello from Salisbury NC

    Join a BMW club in Charlotte, Asheville, Greenville or Tarheel Travelers. Doesn’t matter what bikes you own! All good groups!

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    Hey jonemiles,

    I'm not in Salisbury, but relatively close. I live in Wallburg, south of Winston, not far from Rt. 109.

    I have the opposite schedule of you. Work Mon - Fri, weekends off, although every fourth weekend I'm on call.
    Used to ride with co-workers, but they seem to have lost interest or have given it up entirely.

    I've been riding since 2006 and my wife loves to ride, but it's just us.
    Commute quite a bit to work. Would be nice to meet like minded people.


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    Hello jonemiles

    My wife and I both ride, although not as many long trips as we use to. What kind of trips to do the two of you like to take? 4-lane, 2-lane, dirt roads? Hotel/motel, camping, etc?

    I'm always looking for riding partners that i might be compatible with.

    Enjoying the ride, but always on the alert for a rally.......

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