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Thread: Bleeding Brakes (Renewing Brake Fluid) 1998 K1200RS

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    Bleeding Brakes (Renewing Brake Fluid) 1998 K1200RS

    How do I renew the brake fluid on a 1998 K1200RS?

    Are there any tutorials on this? I read the section in my PDF repair manual (on page 286). I also watched a video on Youtube. I have a Mityvac Vacuum Pump from Harbour Freight I plan to use. What is the pressure modulator? Is that the ABS Pump? Where is that located? Left of the battery? The repair manual says I should take off my calipers, push back the pistons (I'll use a C clamp) and block them open. Should I use a piece of wood for blocking them open? What size fits? The repair manual says to bleed the front in this order, #1 left front caliper, #2 left pressure modulator, #3 right front caliper. For rear it says #1 caliper, #2 right pressure modulator. Am I missing anything?

    I heard I should flush this system once a year. Can I accomplish a "flush" by simply drawing new fluid all the way through?


    PS. I haven't been on this forum in a decade. Sorry if I make some posting mistakes!

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    I've never bled an early K12, but I've bled dozens of K1100RSs, which I think have the same generation ABS as your bike. My current K12 has the newer e-brakes, which can be a PITA. Be thankful.
    I don't usually recommend against what the factory service calls for, but I'll tell you I never bother to pull calipers on the bikes I've bled. I understand the desire to empty the piston bores, but it seems to me to make this job bigger than it needs to be. I opt for more frequent bleeding, using my less complex method.
    The order sounds right.
    I like to empty the reservoirs (using the vacuum pump) then wipe clean and slime on the bottom. Fill with clean fluid and start your bleeding. Obviously keep an eye on the reservoirs to prevent their getting too low.
    Let us know how you make out.

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