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    2009 g650gs

    Hello everyone, I just purchased my 1st BMW bike I'm 63 and have been riding and racing since I was 12 yrs old. I am looking for a performance exhaust system and it doesn't matter if it's street legal??? Is tbere a race pipe and muffler that will fit, i have checked Yoshi, and 2 brotheds just to name a few no let. I'm a brand new member and I am really glad I found this AWESOME site So a BIG HELLO FROM A NEW MEMBER,Tall Paul in Wisconsin. with my 1st Beemer a 2009 G650GS like new condition with 4528 miles on the clock. And I love it1

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    Welcome to the forum!
    I can't help you with the exhaust question- but do understand the desire. Some will most likely drop in some grumpy remarks about your wanting to change is short.... rock on
    We will move this to the singles section later.
    Enjoy the forum.
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    Type 2009 BMW G650GS exhaust mod into Google and some ideas will pop up.

    A thread from ADVrider has some input as well

    As Omega mentioned, some folks may have an opinion, but, in the end your bike and decision. We have a 650GS and consider it a workhorse and not a high performance ride...the 690 KTM Duke is a whole different story

    Happy hunting and welcome to the Forum
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    Welcome Tall Paul... great choice of bike.

    Here's a video that leads to a comparison of different types of exhausts on your bike. Most of them are about the sound. However, the construction quality of these pipes vary widely... most of them are riveted together and don't last as long as you'd like for what you pay for them.

    It is too bad that Staintune does not make a pipe for your bike... they are the choice of many BMW riders for their fully-welded stainless steel construction, stainless steel packing that never needs to be replaced, a beautiful shiny (but not chrome) finish and a mellow exhaust sound that isn't too loud unless you remove the baffles.

    Here's a video search string...

    And, fwiw, you get very little additional usable power (even with the Staintune), a significant amount more sound and often times less tractability from your engine with these slip ons (e.g. you have to rev high for the added power and it doesn't pull as well... or as smoothly... down low).

    I have a 2007 Xchallenge, which has an engine very similar to your bike. The previous owner put a Leo Vince exhaust on... and I removed it and replaced the stock exhaust. It ran *much* better, especially at small throttle opening, as is often the case with riding off pavement.

    I don't want to be too preachy, but if you're interested, the American Motorcyclist has a short article about motorcycle sound that is worth a read. This is particularly important if you ride on forest service roads.

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    Paul - by far and away, the best investment you can make in your bike is to upgrade its suspension.

    For your front forks, which I believe are from Showa, you want Racetech Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators. I think this link is the correct one, call the people at Racetech (they are exceptionally knowledgeable) to be sure.

    For the rear, an aftermarket shock like Hyperpro, Ohlins, Wilburs and others make a world of difference.

    Try to find a suspension expert in your area.... they can help you set up your suspension to suit your riding style.

    This stuff is worth the money!


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