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Thread: New Guy from Buffalo, New York

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    New Guy from Buffalo, New York

    I 'm 62 years old and been riding Beemers since the early 1990's. I currently own a 1994 r1100rs, 1998 k1200rs, and a 1999 Triumph Tiger. I was a MOA member in the mid 90's. But life happens I kept riding BMW's but I did not keep up with the membership. I have own r/75, k75, r90s r100/7, 83 r100, and a k100rs. This is not counting Ducati's, Vmax, Blackbird and a few others. My favorite in out of those was my r100/7 I put over a 150k on it. I even rode it from Fort Myers, Fl to the Artic Circle. That was in 1997 when I was younger and more ambitious. I am here to gain what knowledge I can from other members to keep my old bikes rolling.
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    Welcome to the forum, Ron!
    Am sure you will find answers to all your questions
    about the good ol' beemers. Lots of enthusiasts and
    professionals share your hobby!

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    Welcome [back]. Another NYer here- Cooperstown. Newer to the sport and older and loving it!

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    If you don't mind crossing the border, you can breakfast with the Niagara BMW Riders second Sunday of each month.

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    I good weather we get 40 to 60 members show up for our Monthly Breakfast, the May Breakfast will be at 8:00 am instead of the usual 9:00 am because it's Mothers Day.
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    Hi Rick, temesvar, Walter, and Darryl it's nice to hear from people in the Niagara Frontier.

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