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Thread: False Rumor about Bench Mark Works

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    False Rumor about Bench Mark Works

    I had not heard this rumor but read what Vech posted on another forum. Thought I'd pass it along here:

    For some reason, everyone thinks we are shutting down, going out of business. People keep telling me they heard this. I do not know where or how this rumor got started, but let me set the record straight.
    This is NOT true. We are cutting back a little, to get some time off for Richard and I. We are both 67 years old, and want to take turns getting some time off to go ride, go to events, stare into the setting sun, etc. We just are not accepting complete bikes anymore.
    We ARE accepting engines for oil slinger service, transmissions, final drives, headlight buckets for overhaul and wiring, reline brakes, smaller jobs, not major ones.
    And of course, I intend to supply parts, and offer free tech advice, until we take the big dirt nap.
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    Thanks for putting this up. These guys, to me, ARE THE TRUE GENTLEMEN, of the BMW PARTS and ADVICE for Airheads and as back as far as you want to go. You don't just get advice but real patient advice on how and what to repair. It is always a true refresher on how a suthen fella tries to help out the other guy. Anyway, glad they are getting some rest; but just a testament to a couple of great guys........God bless.....Dennis

    By the way, it's"

    Stock up on those REAL parts while they are still around for sure...........

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    Hey Dennis . Don't forget about Elaine...she keeps things running smooth for them, and keeps Vetch in line, and everyone else if they mess with her. GREAT gal and she has always treated Paul & me like family.
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