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Thread: Touratech suspension

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    Touratech suspension

    Have a '17 f700GSLC and took it in for it's yearly service. Asked them what they would recommend for suspension upgrades. I told them I was looking at Ohlins and Touratech. One of the main reasons was every time I used the front brake, I was looking at the sky in the mirrors. Every bump, small or large, was jarring and I felt the bike was perfect except for this.
    Dealer recommended the Touratech Progressive fork springs and heavier oil. WHY THE HELL DID I WAIT THIS LONG???
    This is a total transformation! I though it would be a little better. Didn't know if would be like night/day! Bumps are almost non-existent. Expansion joints, small pot holes, broken pavement... nothing will phase it.
    This is the FIRST farkle you should buy. Forget handguards, skid plate, crash bars, blah... blah... blah... Touratech Progressive springs are the real deal. Have already scheduled an appointment to change out the rear shock.
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    When you get your rear shock upgrade, go the extra step by properly setting your sag.

    In a seminar at a rally a while ago, the speaker mentioned that suspension isn't to keep your fillings from rattling out of our teeth, it's to keep the wheels firmly planted on the road. Not a big deal when you're riding straight, but imagine leaned over in a corner going over a road imperfection and loosing traction, even for a split second.
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    F-series suspension

    On my F650GS Twin (akin to today's F700), I've done:
    • Fork Valve Enhancement
      I used Ricor's weirdly-named "Intiminator" insert, which provides 2-stage valving and different valve rates for compression and rebound. It works very well. It is designed to work with a very low weight shock oil (5W), so the simplistic stock damper is left in place (and does almost nothing any more, and the Intiminator takes over). This means you haven't damaged or altered the OEM equipment. The Intiminator valving is designed for this low weight oil and does its control job almost by itself.
    • Progressive fork springs
      I used HyperPro progressive springs in the forks (about the same thing as you can get from TouraTech) - the variant which leaves the suspension height unchanged. A big improvement: a bit "softer" in riding around town, no bottoming when off-road.
    • Touratech rear shock
      When my OEM shock wore out, I found the Touratech to be cheaper than a stock replacement, with better features and very good feel and adjustability - riding by myself or 2-up with wifey.

    All of these were incremental improvements, each a noted improvement from the last.

    I can certainly 2nd the comment about carefully setting your suspension sag after the change-over.
    James D. "Jim" Howard

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