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Thread: To cup or not to cup...and that isn't tea!!

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    Question To cup or not to cup...and that isn't tea!!

    I have a 2012 GTL with what were new Michelin Pilot II last season. About 4500 miles on them so far. Last week on a rare riding day (this time of the year in Wyoming) I go into a turn and the front tire starts singing to me. I have always kept the tires aired up to the proper pressure. Having stopped and inspected the front tire, It's cupped! When did that happen, how did that happen??? What the hell??!?!?!?

    Everything I read about cupped tires on the internet say that it happens and "don't worry about it" (New Jersey accent). Is that true? Should I dress the front tire and minimize the cupping? How will this affect wet riding? Is the type of tire with all that Sipeing at fault?

    The back tire is in smoothly perfect condition.

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts!!

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    The only thing I have been able to do to lessen the occurrence of scolloping is to run 40 PSI in the front tire. Doing so has eliminated it on some tires and delayed or reduced it on others. There are multiple causes for scolloping put forth on the forums (my favorite is Earth wobble; the Earth wobbles a wee bit on its axis), but the only preventative measure I have found is increased pressure. Also, once it starts it seems there is no stopping it. Heavy bikes such as the K1600, my FJR and most sport touring bikes are particularly prone to this problem.
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    Tire Cupping

    I found this longish thread from about 3 years ago in the tag cloud on tire cupping:
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