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    Wiser Technik Lights

    A couple of weeks ago, I ordered the Weiser Technik Driving/Turn Signals Led lights for my 2016 F 700GS.
    Received them and this weekend I proceeded to install them. Excellent video, no problems, until I turned them on to check my work.....boom, I had ordered the wrong ones...”Brake lights/signals” for the rear. Duh!
    Well, I sent an email on Saturday to customer service...Monday, about 11:00am (California time), I’m in Kansas, I get a call from Brigette. No problem, even with the wiring in the bike, she sent me a return USPS label, as soon as I mailed out the LED Boards only, she would send me two LED Boards (White Lights/turn signals for the front) right away. Now, that’s what I call customer service! Bridgette was over the top helping me with MY mistake. The lights are great, I bought the Extreme Turn Signals from them a year ago, just plug and play. P.S. I have two of them I’m not going to use, so if anyone wants them, I will give you great price...$25.00 shipped.

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    I also ordered front and rear Weiser's for my 2014 700GS. I emailed back and forth with Mark at Weiser for sometime before pulling the trigger. I was nit picky but his repsonsiveness and patience were second to none. I haven't installed them yet, but it looks like their instructions are crystal clear and straight forward.

    Per his recommendation, I also ordered the HexEZCan so I can integrate the lights with the Skene lights that had been installed by the previous owner. I'm excited to tinker with this and see how it all comes together.

    Can't thank Mark enough for his patience and help. They are worthy of your business!

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    I'm thinking of ordering the 2-1 for my 2016 RTW, any RT owners bought/installed them?

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    I am surprised there isn't more talk about this product.
    I installed front and rears on my bike and couldn't be more pleased.

    The owner is most pleasant.

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