A couple of weeks ago, I ordered the Weiser Technik Driving/Turn Signals Led lights for my 2016 F 700GS.
Received them and this weekend I proceeded to install them. Excellent video, no problems, until I turned them on to check my work.....boom, I had ordered the wrong ones...”Brake lights/signals” for the rear. Duh!
Well, I sent an email on Saturday to customer service...Monday, about 11:00am (California time), I’m in Kansas, I get a call from Brigette. No problem, even with the wiring in the bike, she sent me a return USPS label, as soon as I mailed out the LED Boards only, she would send me two LED Boards (White Lights/turn signals for the front) right away. Now, that’s what I call customer service! Bridgette was over the top helping me with MY mistake. The lights are great, I bought the Extreme Turn Signals from them a year ago, just plug and play. P.S. I have two of them I’m not going to use, so if anyone wants them, I will give you great price...$25.00 shipped.