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Thread: Carb sync trick on a R75/5.

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    Carb sync trick on a R75/5.

    Ok, I thought I'd re-address the carb sync tricks, because I found a method that works well for me. I'm sure its been used before, but here goes.

    I use an old dwell/tachometer that I use to use to tune old points cars that Ive owned over the years. After I set the idle stop screws at one turn in, I attach the tach to the points lead to the coils, and when I short a plug it will read the lower rpm that the bike's mechanical tach won't read. The reading is nominal, so I just set both carbs to the same rpm reading, just above the point at which the bike wants to die. It idles perfect with no vibration on acceleration off of idle. I think I've damaged my shoulder patting myself on the back.

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    I am glad I saw your thread since I had the same basic idea. On my R75/5 I tried a voltmeter hooked to coil, a Twin Max Vacuum tool connected to the vacuum ports, a regular vacuum gauge and a vacuum tool that is being pressed against the carb intake. - Nothing worked right.
    Finally I bought a digital tachometer. - Waste of money.
    Next time at the flea market I will look for an analog dwell/tachometer.

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