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Thread: How was Fontana?

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    How was Fontana?

    The first gateway of the year at Fontana, N.C. is history.
    Had high hopes to attend, but had no luck booking a room
    for the occasion. I called several times, and the phone was
    busy for hours. Was just wondering how did it go, and what
    have i missed?

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    You missed great weather, great roads and some good times. They announced that it was the biggest turnout ever for one of the Getaways (thinking around 200). It was well run and to food was good too.

    The Fontana Lodge was very nice and the Event Center was the perfect size for our group.

    My first getaway and I plan on attending additional events in the future. (Hopefully Arkansas.)

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    Perfect weather always makes the Getaways much more enjoyable. Fontana Village is a great host for this event. The staff was super helpful and the food was delicious.

    Riding around Fontana is hard to beat. My crew was able to avoid the Tail of the Dragon on Saturday and Sunday. We rode to the Wheels Through Time museum in Maggie Valley, NC on Saturday and took the Cherohala Skyway to the Interstate on Sunday. From what I heard, the Dragon was jammed packed on Saturday.

    If you'd like to attend next years Fontana Getaway, go ahead and make your reservations now for next year. We've already booked our rooms.

    Daryl Casey
    Frankfort, KY
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