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Thread: Iowa Bucket List

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenwald View Post
    Ahhhh - Fort Dodge.

    Twice rode the bike there and visited a friend who is a retired school teacher - ate lunch at the Village Inn on N. 15th Street (was within walking distance of her condo) - nice food and atmosphere.

    Will look for your plaque next visit.
    Remember to bring your reading glasses, the print is pretty small!

    We only lived in Iowa until I was seven, my parents divorced before that. A silver lining to my early retirement was re-connecting with my dadís side of the family. Thirteen aunts and uncles that I didnít know even existed, plus 42 first cousins. I grew up in the West, and canít believe how flat it is in Iowa. I still love that corn though!

    Bill Johnston

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    Couple more for the list:

    Snake Alley in Burlington, its a tossup which is more crooked, Snake Alley or Muholland drive in S.F. If you check it out, stop for lunch or a snack the Ivy bake shop and cafe.

    There is also a replica Tardis on Burlington, but it's inside a store, so you need to go when they are open.

    Fairfield, Iowa, the golden dome, learn how to levitate.

    Davenport, Iowa, Palmer college of Chiropractic (also first chiro college in the US).

    Iowa 80 truck stop. West of Davenport on I-80. Worlds largest truck stop.

    World's largest strawberry - Strawberry Point, ia

    World's largest frying pan - Brandon, ia

    I think I read that the old prison in fort Madison is open for tours.

    Kate Shelley high bridge, boone, IA. one of the highest and longest double track railroad bridges in the US.

    it's always fun to look up oddities on You can search by state.

    On our website, we have a list of other points of interest in northeast Iowa. We have several route pages already complete with a list of Points of Interest on each page. We expect to have the rest of the Iowa routes done prior to the July Rally.

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