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Thread: Grips - bar end or non bar end - 1998 K1200RS

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    Grips - bar end or non bar end - 1998 K1200RS

    Hello, I need to find new grips for my 1998 K1200RS. It has what I think are original grips. I don't mind using the same grips or going with something different. Does anyone know a good place to get the original grips or have other recommendations? My bike does not have bar ends so I'd like the grips to have the ends closed (no opening on the end to keep the bees out.)

    I don't want the bar ends because I do a lot of lane splitting in LA traffic. Any extra width on the bike is unwelcome. In truth, I could be easily convinced I need bar ends if someone can give me reasons. Does anyone know if
    later model year bikes had the internal threading for the bars? Will those bars be a straight over swap out for my 1998 bars? Is there a cheap place to get such bars? Are there high-tech options I should consider for bar ends?


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    bar ends

    Throttle Lock for a cruise control item on your handlebars.

    Helps relaxing your hand on the grip some.

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    These might work for you:
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