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Thread: Hello to all, I am Charlie Griffin, Summerfield, N.C., Just bought an R 1200R.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rangerreece View Post
    All the same, welcome to the forums.
    Appreciate your reply and look forward to the forum and all the good information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by romoto View Post
    Welcome to the club! And congrats on the new bike (perfect timing too)!!
    Thanks for the welcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkraus View Post
    Welcome to the forum!

    As a workaround for the center stand, you can use a modification of the way I get the bike higher for wheel removal. Line up three lengths of 2x6 lumber, each about 24" long. Roll the bike up on the wood so a wheel is on each of the end pieces. Kick out the center piece and deploy the center stand. (For my purposes, the end pieces are longer, the stand lands on the perpendicular center piece, which is just a few inches longer than the stand width, and I remove the end pieces after the bike is on the stand.)

    Not much help when you are away from the garage, but it is workable for storage and maintenance at home.
    Great idea...thanks !!

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    Welcome Charlie!

    Welcome to the forum Charlie!

    I don't have the same bike as you, so I can't give you any helpful advise, but we're just around the corner from each other.
    Currently living in Walburg.

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    Welcome Charlie. I sent you a Private Message.
    Michael Stock, Trinity, NC
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    Need addition help;1126438]Great advise! It's not the Horse, must be the Rider.
    Thanks again.[/QUOTE]

    Trying to get advise on a throttle lock that I can use on long highway trips? My current BMW R1200R, 2007 has heated grips and Kioka would not make a recommendation due to heated grip.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank You,
    Charlie Griffin

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    After Id already bought my KTM 640 Adventure and was having it shipped I saw one on a showroom floor, as it had a 37 seat height an I a 30 inseam I was terrified! I got onto the ADV forum not long after and started asking about lowering options until another inmate simply said he got used to falling over. Problem solved.
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