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Thread: Removing starter relay on /7

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    Removing starter relay on /7

    I'm trying to remove the starter relay on my 1977 RS. It sits on a bracket pressed up against the frame and for the life of me I can't figure out how to get it off. There must be something obvious that I'm missing so input would be appreciated.


    Bob Unger

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    Bob -

    The relay has male terminals that plug into female sockets. Typically you would grab the relay on two opposite sides and rock it back and forth while pulling up. Be sure that the battery ground is disconnected from the engine. You may be able to get a small screwdriver under an edge and start the process of removal by prying it upwards.
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    Relay removal

    I just replaced mine was able to twist to front to get some room to remove.
    For the new relay I tried one from local auto parts that looked like it matched plugged in but no work , ordered one from capital Cycle $22.91 plus shipping it works ordered one from auto parts place in Arizona called autohaus i think it was around $14 with free shipping also works, the capital Cycle relay is a Bosch or whoever makes them for Bosch now , do a internet search on the Bosch # on the old relay and stuff comes up that works if yours is not original pm me and I will send you the # off my old relay

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    Ditto on disconnecting the battery. There is one of the terminals that is hot all the time and if you would hit it and ground at the same time !!!!!
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