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Thread: Tennessee in 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    Since folks in-the-know have posted to Facebook, but have failed to post the information to their very own Forum, let me be the first to announce that the 2019 BMW MOA Rally will be held in Lebanon, Tennessee, June 13-16, 2019.

    This is interesting: It is the wrong Zone, and it is in June, not July. But it looks to be a great place to ride to and from. I assume it was an opportunity too good to pass up, as we did once before when I was President - in Trenton, Ontario, Canada - in the wrong zone.
    That is awesome as it looks like the people in "power" have listened long enough to member's complaints about the July heat in various locations over time. I do have to say the July isn't the best of times to have a rally unless you're at elevation somewhere. And even then it doesn't guarantee cooler temps....Gillette WY comes to mind.
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    Letís face it there is no announcement MOA could make that would result in universal approval. Iíll be going next year. I wonder why they pushed back the eastern zones time?

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    Respect thy club

    The numbers game! East , West, North, South ??? Where O where do I go this year. My riding season ( i.e.. destinations,rally, mini trips has been penciled since March)
    Out of respect "for" the MOA, I booked as a earlybird, for Iowa 2018
    And now, out of Respect "from" the MOA, a 2019 site has been chosen, Helmets off to thee!
    Gas 'em up, head 'em out
    I just got back from my 1st group ride with our club out of Denver. destination : Big Bend ,Tx You want heat? no problem finding it there ,,, 100 deg plus most days. Big Bend is a MC paradise . Great roads, great eats, great folk.
    I'm sure Iowa and Tenn will do the same, See ya there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 196163 View Post
    Big Bend is a MC paradise . Great roads, great eats, great folk.
    Which is why we moved here 12 years ago. Ya'll should have stopped when you went past the house.
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    Cool Right on

    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    The following year's rally has been announced following the April Board meeting for several years now, provided it was under contract. The notion that people won't attend a given rally if we fool them into not knowing where the next one will be was kindergarten, or maybe second grade stuff. BMW MOA members are adults capable of making decisions in their best interest. If that means somebody will skip a rally to go to the next year's which they like better, so be it. Trying to fool folks into going to a rally because they lack knowledge was and would be abusive to the membership.
    Right on... letís be adults

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