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Thread: Alaska ride June of ‘18

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    P M sent

    Quote Originally Posted by Mirider View Post
    Well I’m certainly no expert on Alaska but my wife and did a cruise there the first week of August a few years back with a land portion and it was fairly warm. I’ve also read some ride reports on Advrider that were there around that time and weather wasn’t an issue. But I can understand you might not want go that late, I’d rather go earlier too.
    Mrider I sent you a Private Messge. Let me know

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    Quote Originally Posted by akbeemer View Post
    I’ve ridden to Alaska in early May and from AK in early September. I’ve been in Whitehorse in early June when the high temp was 30 f. and two weeks later it was 88 f. in the same place. I got snowed on in Black Rapids Alaska, Pink River BC and Flesher Pass Montana all in July. Take cold weather and wet weather gear and do not forget your shorts and sun screen.
    Thanks for the advice akbeemer.

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    OP, pm sent your way.
    The lion does not even bother to turn his head when he hears the small dog barking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sailnride View Post

    I'm heading to Alaska from Northern California about June 15th - plan to go through BC on Hwy 99 to 97 to 37 back to 97 and then Hwy 1 into Alaska.
    I plan to motel all the way since I don't want to take all the gear to camp. I am flexible so I could drift a bit more East in BC. My plan is to meet family to tour the state for a week then if the spirit moves me go to the Arctic Circle or even Prudhoe Bay. I'm looking at taking the ferry back from Skagway to either Prince Rupert or all the way to Bellingham. It's expensive but I hear it's a great sail.

    I did a Coast to Coast to Coast about a year ago on my K1600 and it was amazing. (Ca to NYC to CA back thru Canada) If we can't meet up have an awesome ride - I know you will.

    All the Best,

    Thanks Curt

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    PM not seen

    Quote Originally Posted by brownie0486 View Post
    OP, pm sent your way.
    Brownie0486 I did not see a PM. If you go I hope to meet you on the trail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcoley View Post
    Brownie0486 I did not see a PM. If you go I hope to meet you on the trail.
    It's in my sent box, here's the message

    June to Alaska

    I might be very interested in this. How long are you planning on being gone? I have a K1200GT that needs to stay on paved roads or well maintained at the very least, no off roading like your bike will do.

    How many miles you planning on doing in how many weeks. I have a 2 man, bag good to 23 degrees, all the necessities for a trip like that in the dry bag [ which I was going to use on a 3 state tour in June to Utah, Colorado and NM. I live just east of Phoenix, Az. So we could meet up somewhere while you're heading west, then continue on from there.

    I'm 66, in good health, can ride all day if need be, but would love to see the country and not be rushing past some of the spectacular views/scenery. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime. I'd put new skins on mine for the trip, as it looks like 3600 to fairbanks from here, 7200 round trip without layovers and detours. New tires would be a must for me IMO.

    Not much of a mechanic, but my bike is always maintained and tuned. Just had the 18K full service 1400 miles ago, so it won't need anything else to just hop on and go. I have medical training, wilderness first responder with search and rescue out here in Az.

    I can do camping and then motels every 2-3 days just fine. Even every 4 days if need be. Let me know more details if you can, I like this idea and normally wouldn't consider it as I'd be riding alone as well. Maybe this works for both of us.

    My phone is ########## if you want to reach out

    I deleted the phone number. If you're interested, pm me

    The lion does not even bother to turn his head when he hears the small dog barking.

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    All you AK travelers ! Pack well!

    Ak was my home for 13 years and had a couple different bikes while there. My memory of the weather changes are quite amazing. I lived in N. Kenai, ( Nikiski) and during the years there played "a lot" of softball. The fields were either in Soldotna or Kenai at the time. We played 2 nites a week in the summer along with travel dates on weekends on several events. Of course, beers at the Nightwatch in Soldotna or Kenai Joes in Kenai were a given and many nites getting home after 1 or 2 were a norm . Ahhh, youth,,,, . On short nites where the dreaded day job came into play , and a early self implemented curfew, I'd ride one of my cycles.
    One particular late aft ,I peaked out and saw clear blue skies and a warm wind. I geared up, glove and spikes in tow, loaded the bike and headed out. About a 30 mile ride to the fields. The first 2 miles to the hi way went unadventful. I turn left on black top and a little grey cloud and drizzle appear. No biggie ,I say, ride on and about mile 6 the drizzle turns into a bit of a flurry. Mile 8 ,I am riding in a 45deg or so complete white out. Trod on, I ride out of it , back to drizzle, then upon getting to the field, clear blue skies again, and sopped. My buds go, " where in the hell you've been?" I say , just a commute in with a little turbulence on route.
    On your AK trip planning:
    Figure on riding in 4 seasons , even in July
    Game, game. everywhere and not just rabbits,,,,, Its the moose that are tough to run over.
    Bugs, yes plenty of those,
    Cops ( same category as bugs)
    Unbelievable scenery, it never ends,,,, A trip to above the arctic? IMHO, just inviting trouble , a long way from no where. Mc Kinley , Homer, Seward , Girdwood, Valdez will have all the pleasures to handle in a couple weeks time. I left Ak in 88 but get back up every few years, Last trip a couple years ago I took the Mrs to Seward for a day. Had days in the upper 70s and no rain, stayed there 4 days , took local cruise, hiked mtns and glaciers ( Mt Marathon a must) , fished, and had Alaska Ambers by the fire pit at nite.

    Bring lots and lots of money. Its not cheap, but well worth it, Enjoy!

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    Hey Dcoley

    Quote Originally Posted by dcoley View Post
    I am planning a ride to Alaska from Central MIssissippi. So far it seems I will be riding solo. (My brother and an old friend cannot make the trip due to their work). However I would like another rider or two on the trip for safety reasons in event of a breakdown or something. Just to give a brief description of me: I used to ride quite a lot, and after a time, gave up riding to focus on career. I Retired in January and promptly bought a 2011 R1200GS with just over 12,000 miles. If you are interested let’s talk. If I attached photo correctly there should be 1 of my bike and pic of me.
    What’s up with your trip - I am leaving CA abt June 18th -
    Want to meet up in Canada? Message me and we can talk
    Curt - Sailnride

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    dcoley, myself and another are meeting in Montana July 18th, then heading north the next day.

    You're a month ahead of us. Stay safe on your travels
    The lion does not even bother to turn his head when he hears the small dog barking.

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