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Thread: Antique license plate

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    Antique license plate

    After 28 years with my 1975 R90/6 it was time to reward the machine for so many years' fine service. I am the second owner.

    So I procured a 1975 AZ antique plate. FEG? Fantastic, Exclusive and German!

    There's no room for the expiration tag on the plate as these old embossed plates have less free space than the current screenprinted uglies. So I procured a tag holder from Old Plate Guy, which you can see in the image. You could always make your own but this one has a nice embossed edge which matches the plate. It will easily accommodate the (larger) CA tags.

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    I have year-of-manufacture plates on three of my vehicles, though not my /7. What sort of restrictions does your state place on using a vehicle with these kinds of tags? In Texas, I believe there's a limit to yearly mileage and possibly to be used for attending "club events". I'll be sure and tell the LEO that I'm on my way to a "meeting"!!
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    No restrictions. Re-registration at the sub-contracted for profit DMV (ADOT) place took 10 minutes plus a modest old plate fee. I re-register for the maximum of 5 years as the machine will be buried with me. The fee was $55.

    Looks like AZ plate colors changed annually back then. The 1974 one was a gorgeous yellow, faded to the wan white of 1975.

    Interestingly, the stock holes are a bit off - 2mm too high on the lower ones, requiring a few moments with a round file to make things work. The current AZ and CA plates fit perfectly, by contrast.

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    Just renewed my antique plate for the R75/5 here in Texas. 5 year plate, I think about $70 now, and no inspections.
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    You guys are lucky, fee to register a year of manufacture plate here in Ontario is $251! (Plus the cost of the plate if you can find one)

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    Massachusetts has a system developed for using "year of manufacture" registration plates. All the rules and forms can be found here:

    Nothing in the rules/regulations specifies what this will cost, thus it's probably covered by the normal costs for "special" plates.
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    I bought a 1970's plate for my /5 from a guy in Australia. He had about a dozen of them all unused. Cost in New York to use an antique plate was about $10 a year extra.

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    A word of caution about licensing a vehicle as an antique or classic, at least in states like WV which assign value to vehicles for assessment of property tax.
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    Authentic Plates

    In Michigan, you can go with an Authentic Plate, which gives you a non-expiring registration. ($35)

    You need to find a plate that matches the year of the bike.

    The rules say that it can't be used for daily transportation. Club use is allowed.

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