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Thread: Charcoal Fuel Canister

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    Charcoal Fuel Canister

    I ran into a discussion relative to removing the fuel charcoal canister on US bikes due to charcoal fouling the fuel filter and causing performance problems. The only thing I had seen about these systems is advice not to overfill at the pump because the excess just goes to the canister and evaporates.

    Anyone experience performance issues, clogged fuel systems?

    I would lean toward following fuel filter replacement on the recommended cycle and more often if you are fueling in dodgy locations.

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    If your bike has had a prolonged nap on its side, a concern. With normal upright riding, no big concern.

    The older tomato can systems on R11XX models that did get gas fouled caused more issues

    And other than the pickup sock screen on fuel pump, no fuel filter to service.
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    Id try to not overfill too often. Should be no worries.
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    Can't speak for the wet-, cam-, or hex-heads, but with the oilheads, that charcoal could get sucked into the injectors via the vacuum line. Truly bad boogie: if it didn't outright clog the line or the injector, it would stick on the intake valve's seat or partially burn in the combustion chamber.

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    I had a 2008 RT (Hex-head), and had many occasions where the engine would run rough. I did the canisterectomy and following that, all was well. I think you could read about others' experiences as there were Forum threads in the past about this issue and resolution.
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    Removed the canister from my 98 R850R (with about 13,000 miles on it). It had a bunch of fuel in it. I don't overfill, maybe the previous owner did???
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    I had a '96 R1100R for 10 years and the canister never gave me a single problem, but then I don't overfill.

    Also, taking the canister off means you will not be getting that Happy Birthday card from the EPA.

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