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Thread: Heated Gear

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    Heated Gear

    I'm thinking about buying a heated jacket liner and am debating between a vest and liner with sleeves. I live in Florida and wouldn't need it except possibly a couple of times during the winter season. However, I've started taking some longer trips through the Carolina's, Tennessee, Michigan, etc. I'm thinking the heated liner would be nice riding through the mountains and when the temperature drops. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    PM coming.

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    I typically advise people to get a jacket and not a vest. Being able to warm the arms makes a big difference on a cold day and many vest buyers end up eventually getting a jacket. However, given where you are, a vest may work just fine for you and the smaller size to stow will be an important benefit. I can imagine you will start rides wearing the vest and by the end of the ride it will be warm enough to take it off.

    When I lived in Fairbanks I had the occasion to attend a conference in St. Petersburg one September. As I recall, it was getting into the 70s every day with overnite lows in the 50s. There were days during my visit when the temperature differential between my home in Alaska and the hotel I was at in Florida exceeded 100 degrees. On my way to the airport on the Saturday I departed I stopped at BMW of Tampa to look around. It was around 9:00 AM and a group of riders were assembling at the dealership for a ride. These guys had on Hippo Hands, balaclavas, and other cold weather gear that made them look like they were preparing for their final assault on the summit of Mount Everest. I guess cold is what you are used to.
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    I have a Widder vest with arm chaps. It is an old vest but it still works very well.
    IMHO that is all about you need here in Florida but it depends on your personal comfort level and how your body reacts to cold.
    To me warm feet, head and hands are the best way to stay warm but that is just me. I'd get the jacket too as I don't think that vests are available with the add-on arms anymore...
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    Jacket liner. It's not even a contest.
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    Absolutely the full jacket liner. It also gives you the option of connecting gloves later, without any "extra" wiring.
    As your riding progresses to longer trips, you'll really appreciate that, regardless of the season: higher elevations are colder, and bad weather can happen ANY time of year.

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    I've had two different models of the Gerbings heated liner and they've been great. I replaced the original with the "microwire" design because it heats up faster. If you were to buy a Gerbings, get the heat controller (rheostat) as well because you'll start to cook in it if you can't regulate the temp!
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    Warm and Safe is an excellent product.
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    Initially bought a vest. Used it for one season before picking a Gerbings full jacket liner. In my case, my arms always get cold before my torso.
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    God bless Gordon Gerbing! After selling his company he is now, he is now back in business as Gordon's Heating Clothing (check name on Google) but it is not the old name of "Gerbings" which IMHO went downhill in terms of quality after the change in ownership. I agree with Mr Glaves that Warm N Safe is also quality gear.

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    My Vest Works Just Fine Down to 22 Degrees!

    Another question of personal preference . . . I've ridden in New England for prolonged trips down to 22 degrees using a vest and have been quite comfortable having donned appropriate layers.
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    FYI I saw a Gerbing jacket for sale on the marketplace
    Winter is coming

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    Tolerance to cold is a VERY personal thing, having grown up in Maine I've can tolerate cold reasonably well compared to those raised or living in the south, but wouldn't think of riding in spring or fall without added heat, it's been my experience that when I get cold my concentration level decrease's a noticeable amount. That said, I've had a Widder electric vest for just shy of 30 years. My wife bought me some arm chaps to go with it about 25 years ago and the thing keeps me plenty warm in temps down into the teens with properly layered clothing. The Widder was a quality product, sadly the closed when the owner was ready to retire and couldn't find a buyer. NOS vests can still be found at some rally's with some older vendors. If I was to purchase now, I'd do as others suggested, go for a quality full upper body liner and probably spring for a quality temperature controller as well. Layers are important with heated gear, the closer to your body, the more effective the heat. I will typically wear a merino wool long sleeve turtle neck and put the vest on over that, then a fleece layer then my riding jacket with thermal liner and waterproof/windproof liner. That combination will keep me riding all day in comfort down into the teens. It's also been my experience that heated grips and good goretex gloves are a must in those temperatures. Lower body and feet are another thing altogether. I know people who's feet freeze in what I consider reasonable temperatures, you'll need to assess your tolerance and find suitable products should you encounter an issue. Personally, I've had good luck with merino wool long johns and a quality pair of insulated riding pants with integral Gortex liner.
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    I was raised in North Dakota. Moved to Iowa. Moved to Kansas. Moved to Texas, 30 miles from Mexico. I know cold. I know warmer. I like warmer. You guys in ND, MN, SD, WI, IA, and the entire North East have both my admiration and my sympathy. I don't have to live there anymore; thank goodness!!
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    It seems odd that snowmobile riders tolerate far more serious cold than the average motorcycle rider ever will. Yet both ride fairly similar open cockpit style machines. The chasm between the two is not as wide as first seems. I think the gap is closing rapidly and once the cold mindset is broken, a whole new avenue to explore opens. I personally love riding cold weather. Appropriate gear and mindset is all it takes.
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