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Thread: Extra part. Is this a bmw part?

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    Extra part. Is this a bmw part?

    1971 r75/5

    I found this on my floor jack

    A month ago I did use the jack to assist in pulling the motor from the frame
    But since that time Iíve worked on other cars and cleaned out old Honda motorcycle parts also

    So logically this is a bmw part but there is the possibility itís from something else
    I looked through the microfiche of the rear brake and clutch schematics but couldnít identify it

    Can anyone help with my mystery?23B64424-804F-4B38-AE28-31550A005B88.jpg5289E264-416C-471E-93C8-1B83F89716CE.jpg

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    John D'oh
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    Aug 2006
    Close to Fort Worth Texas

    center stand spring anchor...

    left side... captured by the motor mount. yes, bmw.
    John D'oh

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    Thank you!

    so it must be the "shackle"
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