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Thread: Mechanical repair recommendations, hints and tricks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 20774 View Post
    For one of the manuals, I found the following note:
    Please note: DVD repair manuals are PC based. They are not Mac compatible unless you have a Windows OS running "in parallel" on your Apple computer.

    Yeah, it’s been a problem Kurt. It’s good for the Members to know
    I still like Apple, not sure I want to “infect” it.
    "You can do good or you can do well. Sooner or later they make you choose." MI5
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    Well, it seems that things are getting harder to work on. I remember back in the day what a wonderful find an impact driver was when I was working on my Honda's. Those pesky Phillips (JIS) screws never wanted to come put with just a screwdriver.
    There is a lot of mechanical talent and experience here on the forum, I was wondering if we could have a thread that could feature those tricks. From rewiring an HES to custom blends of penetrating fluid to the best way(s) to get the proper amount of lube back into a final drive- let's hear about it
    It could be as simple as a post or a direction to a thread that saved the day for you.
    No sense all this great information fading away.
    Getting back the original question,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I say yes.

    The question is one of organization in and outside the already listed topics.

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    The most important fact to remember. If there is a problem; and if any recent work has been done to the bike; then return to those last things done to look for the problem! You will find the problem maybe as much as 90% of the time!!
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