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Thread: 2013 G650GS locked compartment cover

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    I wish I'd seen that before it fell ... However, my bike is a 2013 model and you would think that they would've fixed the issue..

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    A few months ago while riding home I lost the locked cover (behind my seat) on my 2013 G650GS after going over a railroad track. I don't know why or how it came loose but it fell and broke in a couple of large pieces. I turned around to pick it up and I had high hopes that I could fix it...until I watched a semi truck drive over it and break it into dozens of tiny pieces. The locking mechanism was somehow still intact, but there was no way I could ever fix the cover. So, after a quick call to the local BMW dealership and learning that they want around $ 100 for a piece of plastic, I decided to make it myself. I am posting some pictures in case anyone else needs to make one for themselves:

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