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Thread: Universal I-am-OK-No-need-to-stop signal?

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    Just picked up some of their stuff at Home Depot. They make a very small S-biner that is just right for clipping my door opener to the tankbag.

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    REI has a great selection of the Nite Ize Products Every time I'm a REI store I lose 2 hours
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    I remember hearing about the helmet on the shoulder next to the bike years ago but never liked putting my helmet on the ground. I have been riding for 36 years and evidently have been oblivious to these signals. I usually just give the thumbs up if I'm ok and don't need assistance. if I need immediate assistance I will wave someone down. I have always clipped my chin strap and hung my helmet over the handle bar. I like the use of the Nite Ize S hook for hanging helmets off the luggage rack. My daughter or son will ride with me from time to time and that is perfect. I can keep a few S hooks in my bag and use one or two as needed and I don't have to worry about the helmet falling. Thanks for the idea. I think I will also get one to hang my gloves on so they can hang dry on a stop on those hot summer days where they get a little sweaty.

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