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Thread: Universal I-am-OK-No-need-to-stop signal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTRider View Post
    Do you get a lot of roadside assistance by deploying that signal??

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortythorne View Post
    Well here is a universal sign that you can't confuse, and one I've used ! Attachment 66629
    Amazing you posted this 2/24/2018 and one of the bmwmoa board member candidates may have trained him

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    I bought a BMW System 3 helmet in Italy in the 1990's. The protective cover that came with it has a large reflective triangle on it. It is meant to be used when you place the helmet on the road to signal that you need assistance.
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    These come in 2 reflective decals that go very nicely on the back of helmets.

    Or on the front of one
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