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Thread: New Around here

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    Originally posted by KBasa
    I'm a political agnostic and free drinking voter.

    Fixed it for ya Kbasa

    Hi Tom


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    Re: New Around here

    Originally posted by tmg
    Hello there folks, I just popped in and thought I would take a look around, I happen to have a few bmw's in the family now, including mine a '02 K1200LTC, I just got back from a 14,000 mile trip around te U.S. and going to Nova Scotia with my Boy him riding our '02 R1150RT it was his graduation present (the trip not the bike he got a '89 K100rs for graduation), the trip was fantastic I took a ton of pics that I have put on a website with absoluty no organization yet, I'm not much on writing good ride reports but will say if you ever have a chance to go to Yosemite out in Ca. you must go!

    I'm going to look over some of the other boards around here and see what it's like. I'm looking for folks that own LT's and how they have held up, mine has been a problematic machine and I am really trying to see what to do about it

    ya'll have fun and if ya feel like browseing a ton of pics that are just for now in directories go take a look at them at

    I'm Tom, I'm sure I'll be back
    Hi Tom,

    I had a 99' K1200LTI that I just recently sold with 77K on the clock. I sold it only because I wanted a GS to take advantage of some great off road opportunities here in Arizona and the west and I believe better suits my stlye and interests.

    The only two problems I had with it was 1) the speed sensor became erratic which i replaced myself. Found that the wire insulation had worn to the wire on the frame where it was attached, causing a short. 2) Developed a oil leak that alos leaked into the clutch housing. This was costly but these problems occured after 75K.

    Welcome aboard!

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