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    !Viva La Mexico! The Ride


    I'm not real sure how to go about this, so the only way I know how is to start at the beginning and post a whole lot of pictures. Let me know if I've got to many or get to long winded.

    We started talking about a trip to Mexico's, Copper Canyon around the camp fire at Blue Ridge Motorcyle Camp Ground, Crusoe, NC in October of 01 or 02, can't remember, but it came to fruition on 1/8/06. We met a several guys that night and 2 were coming south from PA after having been on a ride. One from MS and the other, I believe, was from TX. They told us about the area and we knew we needed to go.

    We left home 1/6/06.
    Dan, my sister-in-laws husband.

    our bud Jim

    and me, Kevin

    and least I forget, my ride...

    Dan and I met at the end of his street and we rode about 35 miles and hooked up with Jim at I-40 and Hwy 96 at 7:00 am. It was 35 and flurries all the way till about 40 miles east of Little Rock. (Thats where the pictures were taken when we finally saw the Sun.)

    Hit TX around 3 pm and hit Dallas around rush hour... who timed this...

    We stopped for the night at the SLEEPGO around 7:30, it was a bed.

    We had about 768 BMW miles and it was a GOOD DAY!

    It was a dry county... Meant we got out earlier and got to the border earlier.

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    Day 2 we head out after breakfast at the Waffle House... a must... around 6:45 and chased our shadows for the rest of the morning

    We got gas and burritos in Pecos, TX...

    Then on to Marfa, that ridges in the background?

    We got to the border around 4 pm, checked it out, and set up camp at an RV park east of Presidio, TX on Hwy 170.

    The sunset was nice and Mexico was just over those mountains!

    I think we rode about 565, BMW, miles and it was another GOOD DAY!

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    Way to Go!!!

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    Up with the Sun... Big Bend is over there about 65-70 miles but we'll do that later... it got cloudy and it was about 38.

    The border crossing took us about 30 mins and we were in Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Mexico...

    We're heading to Chihuahua, the capital of the State of the same name, and has a population of about a million people. We get to ride through the desert and over a few hills on the way.

    This is looking back into the good ole' U S of A We've been climbing along the way.

    When we get in to Chihuahua it was BUSY and HOT.

    We stopped at the Pemex for gas and I noticed a Senor taking pictures of Dan while we're getting off the bikes and filling up. He was a reporter for the local periodico, El Diario, and with the help of another guy at the Pemex asked us some questions and said he was going to put an article in the paper the next day. What a trip...

    After eating some lunch at a roadside taco stand, that was very good and on a busy road, we head on toward Cuauthemoc and we start getting into more fertile areas with pasture, hay, huge Apple orchards...Cuauthemoc was a pretty good sized town also and was very busy.

    This picture is actually looking back east toward Cuauthemoc but it shows it well.

    As we get closer to Creel it becomes much more mountainous, we get pine trees and CURVAS...

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    We went through San Juanito, a lot smaller than the other towns we had gone through, but still very active and busy. People out all over the main street and cars driving like they were in a parade.

    We got into Creel around 4:30 - 5:00 and again, people everywhere, but not a big town.

    With the help of Raul (he stopped us as we came into town and lead us on his bicycle) we found 3 Amigos Canyon Expeditions to pick up some maps. I had e-mailed ahead and they were very helpful. Here is their web site, if you go there check them out.

    Raul is on the far left, and we are in front of 3 Amigos

    We talked with Salvador at 3 Amigos and asked about the activity in all the towns we went through. It was Domingo, Sunday, everyone goes to town and all the ladies dress up. It was quite lively and we saw our share of nice ladies, throughout the trip, regardless of the day.

    We stayed in the Hotel Los Pinos for 350 pesos, a little less than $35, for a room with 3 beds and a bath.

    Jimmy had a little oil leak that was from the donut gasket around the spark plug. He had adjusted his values before we left and the gasket got pinched.

    We found a nice quiet place to "practice our Espanol" and relax a little.

    We ate dinner at the restaurant in front and it was good stuff.

    It gets cold when the sun goes down as the town is at 7,669 feet and sits in a valley in the Sierra Tarahumara.

    We head for the bottom of the Batopilas Canyon tommorow, to Batopilas, which sits at about 1,500 feet. I have "visions of sugar plums dancin' in my head" as I go to sleep.

    We rode about 332, BMW, miles today and it was a DIA MUY BUENO!

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    Good on ya Kev, nice pics. A question for you, what insurance were you able to secure for you and your bike over in Mexico please? I want to take a trip late in the year and looking for ideas early...thanks

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    Thumbs up

    Nice photos!! Looks like you guys had a great time! Thanks for the link too
    So ,eh..... where is the rest of the story? Inquiring minds wanna know, you know?

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    Kev,your ride sounds fabulous! Will you let a girl go with you next time?!
    P.S.---that Dan guy looks hot!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Letsbike
    Kev,your ride sounds fabulous! Will you let a girl go with you next time?!
    P.S.---that Dan guy looks hot!!!
    I don't think I can keep up with you! But we could give it a try.

    and as for Lt Dan, looks can be deceiving.

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