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Thread: Who rode in today? 39 and sunny here in Massachoooosetts!

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    The weekend is looking towards the 70's.....pointed out, fueled up. Ohio

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    Quote Originally Posted by slip View Post
    The weekend is looking towards the 70's.....pointed out, fueled up. Ohio

    Yep, I'm hanger'ed but aimed but aimed out, Ft. Thomas Ky. But I need fuel!
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    Charlotte, NC - 32 going into work, 65 coming home at 5!

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    Quote Originally Posted by texnsc View Post
    Charlotte, NC - 32 going into work, 65 coming home at 5!

    Welcome to the forum!
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    I rode in on the leg-powered two-wheeler today. My coworker reminded me that it's 40 degrees warmer today in MN when compared to last week (when I also rode in).

    I'll enjoy the warm weather, but I'm not going to fool myself that spring is coming any time soon up here...
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    Rode to work the last two days, because we still don't have cable/internet at home. I have been working from home the last year. After the Arctic blast hit Texas, I'm just glad we have power (2 day outage) & water (5 day outage). When the power came back on, the house was down to 48 degrees. And we got off pretty light; there are still folks around here without power.

    A whole lot of stressing for a week. It was such a relief to take off on the 1150 to anywhere.
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    Way too much ice up here in New Hampshire. It's 41 but we need a good rain before I get the bikes out. I spent the day raking more of my roof off. It's a nearly flat roof and I had 2 feet of snow on it and every day I go up for an hour and move more off it. Good workout plan for Winter time. The bikes are now buried with a 6 foot snow pile.

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    I went for a ride Sunday. It was 40'ish. I need my truck for work, so no riding to work for this guy.

    As for riding in the cold, I bundled up and headed out for a Frozen Hero run they do here in January. I rode the ten miles to the meet, and rode on buy. Put an a couple more miles and went home. I never went on the ride, but I put on 25-30 miles. It was -20F.
    From the only real Fargo, ND!

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    Commuting again

    Haven't been on the forums in awhile and noticed I posted in this thread back in February! Well I've switched things up a bit. I was riding with an Alpinestar setup but wanted waterproof ability without having to remember the liners. Now I have a Klim Latitude jacket and pants. Definitely have to focus more on my layers with this model. Have Klim 1.0 liners for the BMW 2 stage gloves and run some inexpensive Wal-mart thermals with a mix of sweats and pullovers. Working down to freezing pretty good so far. Still wearing a skull cap and just added a cotton neck warmer. Passed an RV with 2 GS's coming into Charlotte this morning headed north. It's great when you have a good system down. It's even better when you can start taking some of it off come spring!

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    North Tejas

    32 and dark going in
    58 and sunny coming back - all good

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    NE Atlanta this today:

    33 F going in (05:45) dark
    52 F return (15:30) sunny
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    -20F this morning. Had to wake up at 4AM and turn on the engine block heaters to be able to start the cars at 8AM. My Diesel showed 30F on the coolant after 4 hours on heat. I put a battery tender on the VW as the battery is 3 years old which made starting it a lot easier.
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