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Thread: seat for RT ideas

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    IMHO most of the issue with the seat is that it is tilted forward and you tend to slide towards the tank. My brother and I solved that by installing 3/8 nylon washers and longer bolts underneath the front assembly of the seat. This leveled out the seat and greatly improved rider position. It does add height to the seat however so it may not work for everyone. YMMV
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    Russell does make two styles of seats, there is the RDL version with the additional spring and such which will raise you a bit, then there is the sport version for us vertically challenged riders. Mine raised me a little till I had about 1200-1500 miles on it then it has settled back to the stock height.
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    Sargent is having a sale today - percentage off and free shipping. Just ordered a seat for my 2017 RT. They have a 30 day trial period; if it doesn't work for me I'll look at the Seth Lamm seats as recommended by my dealer. I'm using the factory low now but haven't put a lot of miles on it.

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