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Thread: 6 more weeks

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    Yesterday there was a very slight dusting of snow on the ground when I got up.

    Today it is predicted to reach 19 degrees with 24 on Tuesday.

    I guess that makes today the official spring day in southern Ontario, with tomorrow being the start of summer.

    One day for spring isn't too bad

    regards, Rod.
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    I hope he is right

    As light snow fell early Sunday in western Pennsylvania, the Keystone State's most famous groundhog revealed that warmer days are apparently ahead.

    At sunrise on Groundhog Day, members of Punxsutawney Phil's top hat-wearing inner circle revealed the groundhog declared: “Spring will be early, it's a certainty.”

    "It's not very often that Phil predicts an early spring, but the groundhog, my friends, predicted an early spring," Fox News Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean said Sunday on "Fox & Friends" while in Miami for Super Bowl LIV.

    Dean added that Phil "does not predict Spring very often" and Sunday's prediction may be the 21st time in over 100 years the cuddly oracle has called for an early end to winter.

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    We need a new woodchuck!

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    I hear Phil is a robot.
    Kevin Huddy
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    Quote Originally Posted by akbeemer View Post
    I hear Phil is a robot.
    He's senior staff at Accuweather. His office is next to Barry's.
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