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Thread: Recommendation for 2015 r1200gsa seat?

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    Recommendation for 2015 r1200gsa seat?

    Looking for advice on a replacement seat for long distances. I'm not at all comfortable on the stock seat after 1 to 2 hours. I've tried Airhawk and bearded seats without much improvement. Considering Saddlemen/Sargent and others. I'm 6' - 0" 170lbs. Any advice or experience is appreciated!

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    When the $$$ becomes available, I will be buying the Sargent seat. My friend has had one on his FJR 1300 for years, and IMHO the build quality, styling and comfort are phenomenal. As you probably already know, lots of options on their seats too.
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    I put a Terry Adcox seat on my 2017 GSA. He operates out of TN ( I only have about 400 miles on it because of the weather, but it is a huge improvement over the OEM seat. I made one 250 mile ride with only a brief stop after 150 miles and was well into the ride when I realized I had not thought about my butt for the entire ride. With the stock seat I would be in agony within 30-40 miles. The seat cost $250 plus shipping both ways which brought the total to $300. You do need to provide him with a seat pan. I have a few friends that have his seats with many more miles on them than I do on mine and they are very happy. I also appreciated Adcox's customer service. They stayed in touch throughout the process, responded to questions and got the seat done when they said they would.

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    Another thing I've been doing that helps with comfort on this bike. I put the front seat adjustment on high and the rear adjustment on low. This eliminates the forward tilt I felt that added to the discomfort.
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    Saddleman Adventure Tour on 15 GSA

    I put the heated Saddleman Adventure Tour seat with the lumbar support in the lowered height along with the pillion seat on my 2015 R1200GSA. It is a very handsome and elegant design and the workmanship is superior. Waay better than the OEM.

    The seat takes some time (I've got 2000 miles on mine) to break in but is very comfortable. I also agree with the above writer in setting the front high and the rear low to effectively flatter the seat and eliminate the forward sliding problem the OEM seat causes. The Saddleman deals with that problem pretty well anyway...I just like it a bit more extreme. Additionally, the design is such that the sides of the seat don't stick up as much as the stock seat thus providing more inner thigh comfort and also allowing for one's inseam to extend further - resulting in getting one's feet flat on the ground better (I have a 32" inseam.) This ability to put two feet flat on the ground was alone worth the price of the seat!

    The Backrest is a nice addition - except it's shape takes getting used to...and, frankly, is a bit awkward and minimally supportive. I almost always leave it in the lowest position - and it offers enough support to be appreciated on particularly long bouts in the saddle. The backrest also has a tendency to slip down from the highest setting if you sit back fairly hard on it. The support bar is just a piece of flat metal - with some notches in it. On long highway runs, however, it can be put in any of several positions and you can lean back on it, put your feet up on the highway pegs and be very comfortable and secure.

    The lumber brace, however, doesn't have any fore-and-aft adjustment. It really needs it. I took the metal support bar to a machine shop and cut off as much of the end of the bar as I could and had the hole for the bolt extended the length of the piece so I could adjust it forward or backward - depending on gear and type of riding I was doing. It helps a's just a nuisance that this isn't part of their original design. It is possible that other riders might not find this lack of adjustment quite as much of a problem as I do. Raising the lumbar support in essence moves it forward somewhat. I also had the machine shop gouge out the detente stops for the height so there was a bit more purchase in each position. Barely helped at all.

    My wife likes the Saddleman pillion a lot. Far more comfortable that the OEM. Also, she likes it more because the driver's backrest provides her with a cushion to brace her hips against when we come to stopping.

    Love the heat...however the placement of the control switch is too high and every time I dismounted I scraped it. Sent it back to Saddleman and they moved it further underneath the overhang of the seat and now it is out of the way. The seat takes a while to heat up. The high setting gets HOT!!! I rode Trans-Lab last fall in the cold and rain and it was a very welcome addition...actually ran it on low heat and was very comfortable...comfort being a relative term when used in relation to the conditions encountered when riding the T.L.

    In off-roading the backrest does not get in the way at all.

    Bottom line: would I recommend the seat. Absolutely. In the end I am really satisfied with it. And anyway, don't all farkles require their own farkling?

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    I've used Sargents on several BMW models with satisfaction. Good product and lightweight.
    They just seem to fit my B#tt. Howver on the trip from SoCal to SLC nothing seemed to help, several 500 mile days.
    I carry an Airhawk but(t) I find it sort of 'Meh". Overall the Sargent lasts longest outside of maybe one of those Russel or other Big Butt saddles.
    Sorry, I am vain, and the Sargent still looks good on any bike.

    On my current '17 GS, the comfort seat is very good, much better than the standard GS seat.
    I thought perhaps this would be like everything else on the new GS, 'just right'.
    However...I'm finding after a scant 2200 miles it seems to be loosing it's cush.

    So I'm going to try a Seat Concepts. Had these on many many dualsports with very good results.
    Best bang for the buck in most cases. Cannot beat the price and customer service.
    Ordered today...

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