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Thread: another new member from the netherlands

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    another new member from the netherlands

    So here is my contribution as a new member.
    I belong to Betty (see previous thread)
    and we think it is time to visit the USA and Canada in 2018.
    The last time we visited the south west part of USA on our own motorcycle (a long time ago, 1990)
    Now we are planning to make a two month trip from south east (FL?) to north west (Fairbanks ?)
    But all options are open at this moment.
    We joined the BMWMOA to see if there are any rallies or gatherings on our route to probably meet some colleague riders.

    For the future, if any BMW riders need some info about riding in europe , maybe we can be of any assistance.
    In the last 30 something years we've crossed europe from north to south and gathered a lot of info on things to see and do overhere.

    grtz Arnold

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    Hey, welcome here. I think I met Betty on Facebook.

    So glad you joined the MOA... I hope you have a great tour through the USA.

    Our national rally is July 12-15, it's right on your way to Alaska!

    We live in Western North Carolina... Asheville is the city most have heard of. Outstanding riding on mountain roads! You and Betty are invited to visit and stay with us if you'd like.

    This year, I will be over in Europe for about 12 weeks... maybe we can talk off-line and compare notes.

    There are also a huge number of interesting roads through the US and Canada as you make your way to Alaska.

    Looking forward to getting to know you!

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    The Netherlands.....Very Cool!
    Welcome to the forum!
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    Hoi, Arnold, en welkom.

    There will probably be a number of MOA events close to your route. If you click on the "events" box near the top of the page, you will get a schedule of what's happening and when. It's a good way to tap into the North American community as you travel your route.

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