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Thread: MOA Getaway - Kerrville, Texas - November 9-11, 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Who won the Foundation raffle bike?
    I don't use Facebook to check there.

    To support the Awareness Campaign and have a chance to win the R1100R, visit the Foundation's AWARENESS CAMPAIGN DONATION page or call the BMW MOA office at (864) 438-0962. A winner will be announced November 10 at the MOA's Weekend Getaway in Kerrville, Texas.
    Sunday, November 11, 2018 (0 COMMENTS)
    Posted by: Ted Moyer, 100360

    The MOA Getaway in Kerrville, Texas finished with a bang on Saturday night. Richard Bucholtz of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin was announced as the winner of the R1100R Sweepstakes.

    Bucholtz' name was drawn from 2,896 entries for a fully restored 1999 R1100R. A crowd of 120 MOA members witnessed the drawing and live phone call to relay the good news.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodbutcher View Post
    So how was it? I was staying in Fredericksburg over the weekend with friends and we rode out in that area both Friday and Saturday. Mostly BMW bikes out there, but I didn't get a chance to talk to any of them to see if they were part of the Getaway. Kind of cold and gray, but finally saw some sun on Saturday afternoon.
    We had 10 from BMWDFW make the Getaway and we had a fine, fine time. No crashes and no performance awards. Despite the ugly clouds and cooler temps, we didn't see a drop of rain. Little sandy in some of the corners, but the roads were mainly free of debris. We always wish for perfect weather but the cool cloudiness kept the crowds down.

    Took the crew up on the "Sisters" and for the most part found them free of traffic. Saw TONS of deer and 2 elk that must have escaped one of the game ranches. Saw the elk in one of those spots with high fences on both sides of the road. Made it a little spooky getting all the bikes by them. Speaking of game ranches... times must be rough in the Hill Country. Saw many For Sale signs up on those same ranches.

    Later in the day on Saturday, when the sun came out, we ran across a pack of Mitatas going the opposite direction of travel from us... and a herd of Jeeps going the same direction as us. Fortunately the Jeeps peeled off at the Bent Rim Grill and we continued on without worry.

    335 was back open, with no flagmen, by late Saturday afternoon. There was some construction rock and signs at the water crossing that had been washed out, but the crews had it packed down and wide enough for us to roll thru without problems. Several new asphalt patches on all the "3's" but they we're nice and smooth and caused no fear.

    Some folks find the Getaway a little expensive (especially if you are a local and can do the Hill Country as a cheap-bastage), but once you get into the flow of things, the good food, accommodations, and the friendly riders it draws in, (and you get a t-shirt!) put all those thoughts at the back of your mind and you focus on the fun.

    Good time.
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    Looks like a full room in the video. How many attended?
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    We saw the Miata's on Saturday too. Hit 335 both days. The second day we saw some Axis deer on there, two does with a buck that had a huge rack. They just stared as we rode by. Usually we go to the Swamp Scooter Rally in LA this time of the year, but my little group decided to stay local and spend a long weekend in Fredericksburg. It wasn't until the day before I realized the BMW Getaway was the same weekend or we would have done it instead. I'll pay more attention next year.
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