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Thread: MOA Getaway - Coeur d' Alene, Idaho - May 11-13, 2018

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    MOA Getaway - Coeur d' Alene, Idaho - May 11-13, 2018

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    Hook up for a ride to Id?

    Any body riding up thru Cody ,Wy area on route to MOA getaway in Id . May 2018
    I am thinking of heading up either Wed., or Thursday , Camping out on route. The wife may fly in either Thur or Fri to Spokane and I will pick her up. We are working on schedules now. For whats its worth , we own a campground west of Cody about 14 miles and any MOA members are welcome to campout there ( Free!) if your traveling to the Getaway in Coeur d'Alene. We also have cabins that I could offer at a discounted rate if interested. Just PM me. We technically don't open until late May but we will have some cabins open.

    Also, this would be our 1st Getaway ride so just wondering approx head count expected? And where your riding from. Its been about 8 years since I've been in the area so looking forward to it. Thx in advance to the organizers . Will get signed up this week. Good riding in 2018 to ya all!

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    All Booked!

    As noted in previous thread,,, we were planning on this getaway, and now are confirmed. Offer still stands for MOA members for a place to crash, I mean camp, on route to Id,

    I will leave Wed, morn, ride thru the park, ( Yellowstone) and northward to Id, via scenic highways . Camp somewhere on route Wed nite and arrive Coeur d'Alene Thur late morn. PM me if interested in riding up or back,,, Pete

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    Pete, that's really great of you to offer free camping for MOA members. This sounds like a fun, scenic getaway. I'm considering going but we are having a late winter in Minnesota and it feels like we may still have snow on the ground in May

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    Spring in Mn

    Yes Crom, I just spent the last 4 months in Mn. ( I grew up E side of St Paul) Long story , but out of there now,,, I did see Mom Nature cast her wintery fury uponeth ye again, that Sucks . I left Mn in late March, spent time at our campground in Wy and then came into Denver area early April to partake in a spring Beemer club ride down into Texas. I am a member of the Beemer club here in Col still. ( Denver) . Anyway we leave Denver the 7th Apr, ride in temps of 24 to 29 deg for a few hours , burr, but after a day or three arrive in Big Bend area and just the opposite, temps now 100 deg plus Yikes , can you say " beer me?" Awesome riding down there tho and even swam across the Rio Grande into Mexico. The Donald,s wall isn't up yet where we were , ha. Then coming back thru NM and Col our group hit temps back into the 20s , snow, a blizzard, and wind galore. All made it safe and ready for the next excursion in May. I will hang out in Denver a couple more weeks and then head back to Wy and get the campground opened up. Bookings are filling up fast. Stop by any time. Great travels! P Couer D Alene in May!

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    This one may be sold out. Check with Hdqtrs before your planning get too far along.
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    According to the website - sold out

    After feeling well enough to ride and getting a kitchen pass I logged on this morning to sign up and it's sold out. Funny it's the only one that is, hmmmm... Hope everyone has an awesome time. :-)
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    Now thats weird,,, could someone from the organizers verify this. Maybe the boat dinner cruise can only handle so many? Hope we get a forum explanation, more the merrier,,,, P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bdiver View Post
    After feeling well enough to ride and getting a kitchen pass I logged on this morning to sign up and it's sold out. Funny it's the only one that is, hmmmm... Hope everyone has an awesome time. :-)
    Just goes to show you the potential of the PNW... all we had to do is stage some things closer to them.

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    This Getaway is indeed sold out

    Awesome. I had another friend ask me if they could ride up and get signed up for the Idaho Getaway. I said it was posted as sold out , but I'd check into it. So be it, I wrote the person in charge and was quoted , yes, all full. Well over 100 members/guests have registered to date , so ready to "rock" the boat so to speak. I'm leaving Tuesday from Wy. to make a leisurely ride up. See ya all there. P

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    Coeur D'Alene getaway

    Due to illness I am unable to attend the getaway. I have both the room reservation and rally reservation paid for and would like to sell them.
    If anyone is interested, please call my cell 831-809-7000
    I checked with the hotel and the MOA

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