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Thread: MOA Getaway - Fontana, North Carolina -- April 20-22, 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by xrsc View Post
    I have a room at Two wheel inn but I`m only there Fri/ at Fontana resort do I go to join in on the activities/rides/etc.?
    The main website link (at the top of this thread) seems to suggest that the hub is going to be the resort Recreation Hall. That's where you should probably head:
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    Quote Originally Posted by 20774 View Post
    The main website link (at the top of this thread) seems to suggest that the hub is going to be the resort Recreation Hall. That's where you should probably head:
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    A rather brisk ride has been... or will be had! I just had a look see at the current conditions and forecast for Saturday and Sunday.
    A fabulous indoor oriented gathering is in order at this weekend's leafless mountain away... with heating.
    Good riding though tomorrow a few minutes either side of 3pm!
    Yet with the fireplace, friends, good restaurant and bar.... we all wish we could be there with you's guy's!
    May a safe and big time (with sunshine at least) be had by all of you.

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    Early in the year had high hopes to attend the Fontana gateway.
    Called with intention to make reservation, but had no luck.
    Even had in mind going anyways, sure would find a spot to
    open up the tent. As weather here was miserable, i gave up.
    Am just wondering what have i missed? I didn't notice
    any comments about the event...

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    A great time was had by all stories and photos to follow.

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    Fontana Getaway review

    This was my first MOA Getaway. Prior to this the only other MOA event I attended was the Rally in Hamburg. From my perspective the events are completely different. While I enjoyed the vendor hall and tech sessions at the Rally I did not really make any new friends. At this weekends Getaway it was more about riding and the smaller group made it easier to meet new people. Several folks approached me directly just to chat and get to know me. I really enjoyed this aspect because I made some great new friends. I kept hearing how I was one of the "younger guys" (I am 45) but that was OK. I really wanted to hear some good stories and learn from people who have done more than I have. Meeting Murielle was a highlight for me. I am planning a solo cross country trip and as a fellow solo traveller she had lots of good advice for me. Many other I spoke to also had good advice for what to do and not do for my trip. All in all it was a great weekend for me. The weather was nice and warm and great for riding on Saturday. The incoming rain forced me to depart earlier than I wanted to on Sunday, but I was content with the riding I had done. I am not sure how all the other Getaways are run, but if they are anything like Fontana then I am definitely going to hit a few more this year. Sorry I don't have any pics to share.

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    A BIG Thank You!

    That big thank you goes to all who attended the "Funtana" event this year. I believe the event went very well and all had a great time. The weather was spectacular on Friday and Saturday and allowed almost everyone to get in a full day of riding the area. Once again the staff at the resort did a fantastic job for us and we were pleased to see once again that almost half of those in attendance were participating in their very first MOA event! Mari and I enjoyed working with a great team of volunteers and co hosts that together pulled off another great event!

    The even better news is that the Fontana event kicks off the 2018 MOA Getaway season. There are more events than ever this year with 11 total and located around the country in superb riding locations, so make your plans now to attend all that you can. Register early as these events will sell out quickly!
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