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Thread: Beemers in Barrie

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    Beemers in Barrie

    Recently moved to the Barrie area and I'm anxious to converse with any mutually interested riders.

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    Welcome to the forum! Is Barrie north of Toronto? I wasn't sure so had to use google maps to find it. There should be people from the Toronto area that can chime in.
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    Barrie On Area

    Hi My name is Andy I am in Orillia and ride a few older BMW's. Great news is that Peak Power the Indian dealer in South Barrie has signed up to be a BMW dealer, so service, parts and new bikes will be available in 2018... There is a little DIY shop in Barrie T's Cafe... Run by a friend Teresa Vincent, they have storage and 4 lifts and work stations plus basic parts, They also really like BMW's and many members ride BMW's... It would be a great place to find fellow riders...

    I'm always up for a ride and would be pleased to meet up and introduce you some pretty good twisty roads.... I make the switch to 2 wheels as early as possible in the spring and ride right through to the first good freeze...

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    Hi Andy;

    It would be a bit of a ride for you but the Niagara BMW Riders meet once a month in Welland ON.
    We have 190 members on our contact list and get 30 to 70 members out to our breakfasts.

    We are a friendly group, many members come down from Toronto, Kitchener, Guelph, Hamilton areas.

    Have a look at our website.

    Welcome to the MOA!
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    Hi Andy, I live in Toronto............regards, Rod.
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    Welcome to the forum. I live just past Horseshoe resort in Oro-Medonte. Once spring decide to return we will have to get those of us in the area together for a ride.

    Andy - didn't know Peak Powersports was going to sell BMWs. Will be nice to be able to get parts/service closer, although could be dangerous seeing those nice shiny new BMWs in their showroom
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    Hi there , I live in Sharon just north of Newmarket ride a 2012 Rt . Yes we should try to organize a group meet and ride in the area . Lots of great riding in the area .

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    I am down in Toronto and pass through Barrie semi regularly. I have family there.

    Always looking for more riders.

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