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Thread: New BMW rider

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    Cool New BMW rider

    Lots of reading here, but I am enjoying it. Ordered a 2018 GTL and will take delivery the end of this April. WOOOHOOO! I grew up on street bikes, yeah, rice burners, and had a lot of fun. I sold all of that fun stuff and got married. Still have that ride, not complaining. After all, she was the one who egged me on to rent a Goldwing in Vegas for a week and we had a blast and she was hooked. Big smile on my face! Her and I are looking to slow our life down and enjoy the scenery and pre-retirement.
    The only things moving in my garage now are the snowmobiles and atv with a plow at the cottage. I embrace the winter months as long as I can. Don't have much of a choice. Located outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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    Congratulations on the purchase and welcome to the club!

    “Fate whispers to the warrior, 'You can not withstand the storm.'
    The warrior whispers back, 'I am the storm.'

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    Welcome to the MOA and the Forum, neighbour!
    Retired and riding my RTs, the '87 K100 & the '98 R1100 !
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    Jim G

    l am also retired Just joined about 5 min ago trying to get around the site. and look for info on my 05 Adventure
    With a ABS problem Tucson AZ

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    I am from Newcastle, just down the road from you. Maybe we should get together for a ride to Mudddies Pit BBQ when the snow goes away. After owning a number of Gold Wings I made the switch to something much lighter and now I am not restricted to paved roads. My 2017 R1200GS and I can take off down gravel roads and even head off through the Ganaraska Forest if I like. Great fun!


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