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Thread: Bike on Side Stand - Which Way Do You Turn the Wheel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    I've taken more than one MSF course and was never told to mount the bike from the right. When and where did you take the course that taught this? Any Rider Coaches care to comment?

    I have observed a Motor Officer mount from the right. Greenwald?
    It was an experienced rider course (MSF), conducted on the tarmac in Everret, Wa. I think the coach was a LEO. His concept was that should there be a mishap upon mounting/dismounting (on side stand) all the ,injurious action would be on the left side. Makes sense to me--however i'm not 100% compliant b

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    Just seems awkward to me to get on a motorcycle from the right. I always get on a horse from the left, so why not the bike? If the bike was parked with the left side really close to a deep ditch, etc., then I would get on from the right .
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    Quote Originally Posted by bp@sr9 View Post
    MSF taught me to mount the bike from the right (high) side , when on side stand. bars to left leave more room for legs and easier to hang hat on right bar end. b
    Am not sure, but left handed guys can comment on this:is it easier to mount from the right for you? I find that to be rather difficult, and only reason I do that is when the bike is parked right against a wall. Am sure there are, but I don't remember bikes to have side stand on the right side. Maybe some Harleys?
    Interesting thread, nice to read points of view, but mine is that no person in his right mind would suggest to mount the bike one way or another, if it is not comfortable for you! And if one is worried about the slight difference for turning the bars right, just cut a 1/4" of the side stand! JMHO
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    Getting off on the right seems like it would be more difficult. You have to reach farther out to the right to find footing in order to pivot up and away from the bike. Plus, getting off on the left side, your left leg is already closer to the ground.
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    Motor officer school teaches on/off on the right side. Works perfect on a Road King, and with the handlebars full left it opens up the bike so it is easy to get on and off.

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