Been doing maintenance on H's 07 650GS for years and a few other year model 650's...gotta say, none are on my favorite list to do an oil change. Boxers and K's seem so simple...well maybe not the Brick K and the filter cover at times. Can do most with only a dribble or two to clean up. Even our thumper KTM's are a cleaner change,even with multiple filters and screens.

As Paul Glaves has made me laugh through the years describing how an oil change on a 650 starts with removing left blinker

I did a yearly service today and you would think the Valdez ran aground. Luckily some carboard was in a good place...mostly.

Between draining tank on left side (will be buying an oil pump after today as I somehow do not own one) , removing the vertical filter housing on right side and the 24mm drain plug blocked by skidpan ,blocked by engine guards, I managed to drip a bit of oil. When it's warm it sure flows nicely.

All my lifts are occupied ,so on the floor I was having a great time.
At least this one doesn't have the oil in the front frame rail or I would have made a bigger mess.

I lost the Zen moment I was expecting and will not remember the mess until the next service...rinse and repeat