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Thread: 1952 emw r35

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    1952 emw r35

    Posted for general interest only.

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    Not mine, and no affiliation with the seller. I wasn't even aware of the story behind this marque until it came up on the SovietSteeds Russian sidecar site. There do appear to be some subtle differences between this and the actual BMW R35; forks, front fender, hand controls, seat suspension, etc.

    Eisenacher Motorenwerk

    One of the pre-World War II BMW factories was located in Eisenach, which after the war was taken over by the Soviets, since Eisenach was situated in the Soviet occupation zone. The factory continued producing cars and motorcycles under the BMW brand, but after a lawsuit in 1952 they had to change the name to EMW instead. The logotype was also similar, but instead of the blue BMW used, EMW used red.
    (note lugs for sidecar installation)

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    When I saw this picture the first thing noticed is the emblem it should be the red and white if it was built after 1950 also it should have rear suspension. This may be a pre 1950 that was related as a 1952
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