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Thread: Iceland and Faroe Islands - Bridge Between Continents...

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    Iceland Day 6 - Fri, 25 Aug 17:

    Map of Day 6

    We got an early start today helped by an incredible sunrise. The sunrises and sunsets last quite a long time when you are this far north. After packing up our tent and checking over the mules, we were leaving the road from Borgarvirki by 8AM; early by our standards.

    One of the falls along the way

    The black volcanic sand with Hvitserkur - the remains of a troll that rose from the ocean but was turned to stone.

    Hvitserkur in the morning light

    Chantil enjoying the morning walk around Hvitserkur

    The ocean side of Hvitserkur looks completely different.

    Leaving Hvitserkur

    We continued along the coast via the 71 and came across the Geitafell restaurant. It was almost lunch so we thought "why not?" So glad we did! The seafood soup and desert cake was delicious. A real unexpected treat.

    A restaurant with it's own tower has to be good, right?

    A simple, chalk-written, menu lists the main meals and desserts.

    We decided on the fish soup. Delicious.

    And the Skyrterta - a skyrcake with blueberry jam.

    Rock kids at the Geitafell restaurant.

    More art inside the restaurant.

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    Further along the 71 we came across Hamarsrétt, an interesting circular fenced area for horses. We spoke to in interesting German family who invited us to visit if we are in the area.

    A bit of off-road riding today.

    The 68 is the gateway to the Western Fjords. Travel is slow but beautiful as we winded along the two, and sometimes one-lane, roads. There are also a few tunnels that were fun to ride through.

    Enjoying the tunnels that make travel through the West Fjords easier.

    An interesting structure along the 68. Troll's finger?

    Who needs guard-rails when you have jagged volcanic rock and arctic waters to break your fall?

    We continues winding along until we reached the Drangsnes Hot Pots which offered another opportunity to chill in the thermal waters of Iceland.

    Saw this really cool overlander from Germany. I can't imagine the diesel fuel costs though.

    The weather was getting worse so we did our best to make progress but it became challenging once the fog got thick and the rain intensified.

    Wait... What is this tiny red house symbol on the map?

    I was not enthusiastic about finding a place since it was a Friday and would most likely be occupied already. Fortunately, we were blessed; just off the main road we came across a travelers hut that offered refuge from the storm.

    Our home for the night. What do you think?

    The front door could use some work but it was dry and provided refuge from the storm. A perfect place.

    Signing the guest book found inside the travelers hut.

    Looking forward to a cozy night without rain and a morning without having to put away a wet tent. Until tomorrow...

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