Iceland Day 11 - Wed, 30 Aug 17:

Map of Day 11

I no longer have that wet and clammy feeling after sliding my socks into my boots! They are finally dry after three days!

It was a fairly late start because we had to wait for the camp attendant to show up so we could pay for camping. Iceland has a much more relaxed vibe that the USA - even if money is involved.

Álög, a monument by the sculptor Steinunn Ţórarinsdóttir.

Brightly colored hostels look like converted military barracks.

We left Sandgerđi and headed south to Miđlína. This is a bridge that is laid over two continental plates - the America plate and the Europe plate. The distance expands about a few centimeters every year.

You are here - right between continental plates.

Standing between continental tectonic plates.

There were also a lot of custom engraved locks hanging from the railings of the bridge. I didn't know putting your lock on a place you've been was a thing. Guess it is.

We also stopped at Gunnuhver Hot Springs. It's quite impressive seeing Earth's hot water boil and froth above the surface. The steam rising from the springs can be seen for miles.

Waving to other motorcyclists. Little did I know, this African Twin would be parked right next to me a week later on the ferry.

The mules parked near the beach while we enjoy a short walk and drone flight. It was here that I almost had a bird strike while flying our drone to capture some shots of the beach.

Who takes pictures of candy bars? Folks from the USA who don't see this kind of candy bar - that's who. Anyhow, it's kinda like a 100 grand with a wafer.

A bit of fun on the way to Krisuvikurberg Cliffs

The drone captured some pretty incredible views of the Krisuvikurberg Cliffs showing a deep red layer of mineral within the cliff.


Chantil's mule 'Chocolate' - 'White Chocolate'.